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Our Background

Biometrics is the science of identifying humans by specific traits or characteristics that are unique to each individual – such as finger-prints, retinal scans, facial images and so on. Because of its accuracy, Biometrics is the industry benchmark for identification and monitoring access control.  As such, it provides an excellent means of recording time keeping and staff attendance which, in turn, interfaces seamlessly with payroll systems.

A tailor made flexible solution for any problem - Unlike other role players in the Time and Attendance and Access Control market, we are not profit driven, but focused on building relationships with our customers, by forming long term partnerships.  We have an in-house design and development team who can provide you with a solution to take care of your headaches.

Xrosstech is geared for work forces large and small
Whether you have 10 or 10 000 staff, work locally or abroad, indoors or outdoors, we are geared to take the hassle out of your staff records, HR data records and payrolls -giving you the freedom to focus on your core business once again.

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